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Evolution of shaving

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Prehistoric paraphernalia

Shaving hasn't always been such a smooth operation. Before razors, prehistoric man removed his whiskers using clamshells, flint blades and even sharpened shark's teeth. Ouch! 

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Straight in the spotlight

The 19th century is considered the golden era of the straight razor. This razor’s blade needed repeated sharpening and took considerable time and caution to use properly.

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Gillette's disposable blades

By the early 1900s, King C. Gillette had introduced a revolutionary safety razor that featured disposable blades—then made from high-carbon steel. 

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Rise of the electric razor

In 1929, the electric razor, or electric dry shaver, was introduced. With rotating or oscillating blades, the dry shaver couldn’t shave as close as a safety razor, but it did lift and cut hairs without water or shaving cream.

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Stainless steel becomes a star

Gillette, again, advanced the art of the shave in 1960 by offering stainless steel blades that didn’t rust. No sharpening. No mess. No problem! Interestingly, despite a resurgence in the popularity of facial hair, the 1970s brought us disposable razors that could be thrown away entirely. 

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 Meet the Gillette Fusion® ProGlide™ with FlexBall Technology

Now, with more modern shaving technology, the right razor can provide a smoother shave than ever with up to five extra-fine blades to glide through hair, lubricating strips to moisturize and protect skin, and stabilizers to keep blades properly spaced apart. 

The Gillette Fusion® ProGlide™ with FlexBall Technology  shaving system combines all these features for incredible comfort. The razor even responds to contours, getting virtually every hair. With tools like this available, modern man can finally enjoy a truly superior shave. 

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