Summer hair & skin 911 fix-it guide

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The triple threat of sun, sea and pool time can combine to create summer skin care and hair disasters. But you don't have to run for cover just yet. Our quick guide to beauty emergency preparedness is designed to help your hair and skin survive and thrive all season long.

Hair headaches & helpers

Problem: Dry-as-the-desert hair
Solution: An oasis of moisturizing conditioner. Help counteract the effects of sun, salt water and chlorine by using deep conditioner once a week. Or try an overnight treatment. And our favorite summer hair tip: reapply leave-in conditioner throughout all of your water-oriented adventures.

Problem: Frizzy hair freak-outs
Solution: Anti-frizz intervention. Enlist the help of specially formulated anti-frizz shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Using product and pointing the blow dryer at a downward angle will help smooth the hair shaft. If you have curly hair, use products specially formulated for your needs.

Skin situations & solutions

Problem: Dull skin disaster
Solution: Facial scrub to the rescue. Use a gentle facial scrub 2-3 times a week to keep your skin glowing. For daily treatment, try a cleansing system with a spinning brush, which you can even use in the shower. Exfoliation is a summer skin care essential. It keeps skin smooth and provides an even canvas for self-tanner or tanning in the sun (remember to wear sunscreen!).

Problem: Battles with breakouts
Solution: Recruit a lightweight facial moisturizer. The moisturizer your skin adores in the winter is probably too rich for summer. Try switching to a lighter moisturizer or even a gel formulation. And remember: Sun exposure can dry and damage the skin. Help repair it while you sleep by using a specially formulated night cream.

Body blues & breakthroughs

Problem: Legs that haven't seen the light of day
Solution: Uncover the power of sunless tanning products. Gone are the days of sunless tanners turning you orange. Today's formulations produce highly natural-looking results. Some products are even designed specifically for the legs. To get the best results, prep your skin by exfoliating it with a gentle body scrub before applying product. Not ready to commit? Try a bronzing cream that washes off in the shower.

Problem: Zero time for a mani/pedi
Solution: Make au naturel look ah-mazing. Trim, file and buff your nails. With an orange stick, gently push the cuticles down, don't cut them. Now add the magic: cuticle cream. Keep it in your bag and reapply throughout the day for soft cuticles and healthy, shiny nails. Use these same tips in place of a pedicure, but add foot scrub and foot cream to your arsenal. You'll look perfectly polished, even without all the nail polish.

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