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Kicking off the year by committing to a new fitness routine? While you're at it, be sure to shape up your gym bag. Start by stocking your bag with workout beauty essentials that make it easy to feel fresh and look polished both pre- and post-exercise.

Freshen up in a flash

What to pack: Dry shampoo
Why you'll want it: A great workout can be an unintended recipe for bad hair. Help your style bounce back with oil-eliminating dry shampoo that leaves your hair fuller and fresher. It's also an everyday must-have for extending your 'do between shampoos.

What to pack: Face cleansing wipes
Why you'll want them: Exercise can help you get your glow on, but when sweat dries on skin, it can encourage bacteria and breakouts. Gentle face and body wipes are perfect for pre-workout makeup removal and can sub for a shower in a pinch.

What to pack: Antiperspirant
Why you'll want it: Reliable odor and wetness protection is probably the most essential pre- and post-workout beauty product. Choose antiperspirants that work as hard as you do—some formulations treat and even out darkened underarm skin in addition to providing protection.

What to pack: Travel bottles
Why you'll want them: Lighten your load without compromising on having your favorite beauty care products handy. Fill a small bottle with body lotion in a refreshing scent—it doubles as a post-workout moisturizer and light fragrance.

Polished & pretty

What to pack: Lip stain
Why you'll want it: These positively portable sticks make it easy to perk up your face before and after the gym—or anytime you're on the go. With their superb staying power, you can focus on counting reps instead of reapplying your lip color.

What to pack: Waterproof mascara
Why you'll want it: Mascara can quickly transform your face by making your eyes look more open. But don't let being an eager beaver at the gym leave you with raccoon eyes. A trusty waterproof formulation will keep mascara in its place all day long.

What to pack: BB cream
Why you'll want it: Give your skin a flawless finish in a flash. Choose a multitasking BB cream that hydrates, treats and provides light coverage all in one.

What to pack: Hair ties and headbands
Why you'll want them: Stash several hair ties in your bag to keep hair off your face while you work out. Headbands and other hair accessories offer quick fixes for unruly post-workout tresses.

Excellent extras

What to pack: Hand sanitizer
Why you'll want it: You're hitting the gym to pick up weights—not germs. Carry single-use sanitizer wipes or a pocket-sized hand sanitizer to help squelch seasonal bugs.

What to pack: Flip-flops
Why you'll want them: If showering at the gym is an option, bring your own pair of flip-flops as added protection against any foot funguses that could be lurking on the stall floor. Remember to bring a plastic bag for wet post-shower sandals, too.

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