A gentleman's guide to personal care

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Making sure there is nothing unappealing about your body isn't vain, it's essential. Half the battle of knowing when to take care of your appearance is also knowing how to take control of it. Let the following tips help you get a grip on your grooming routineand get you on your way to looking and feeling your best.

Keep a clean complexion

Prevent dirt and oil from building up in your pores by washing your face twice a day with a mild soap or exfoliating scrub. This will be sure to keep your skin looking and feeling clean and refreshed. To lock in moisture and to keep your skin radiant throughout the day, generously apply moisturizer after drying. Now, you're ready to face the day.

Put an end to stubble trouble

Wash your face with soap and warm water prior to shaving to soften your facial hair. The razor will glide over your skin, causing less irritation and redness. For added protection, try using the Gillette®Fusion® ProGlide™ Razor with a built-in comfort guard that shields against razor burn.

Polish those pearly whites

Want to knock out that next job interview or impress a certain someone at the party? Nothing better serves as an ace in the hole like a mouth full of sparkling, clean teeth. Keep a travel-size toothbrush handy for a quick brush-up to keep your smile scintillating. Also consider keeping a piece of gum or a mint handy to safeguard against bad breath.

Shape up that 5 o'clock shadow

Think the beard is weird? Think again. Beards can enhance a man's appearance and become part of his identity. To maintain a desired length, trim once daily with an electric beard trimmer. Try cleaning up fine edges with a Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™ Razor with FlexBall™ Handle Technology, designed to explore all the contours of your face.

Splash on a fresh scent

Citrus? Floral? Spice? It's a matter of personal preference, but whatever scent you choose, cologne should be applied in small quantities to give off a subtle but pleasant scent. Try dabbing a small drop on your neck or wrists to stimulate your senses and those around you.

Put the "man" back in manicure

You may like to get your hands dirty, but they shouldn't stay that way. Fingernails should always be neatly trimmed then filed down to reduce any jagged edges. To remove excess dirt, simply cut a lemon in half and twist each nail into it, cleaning both the surface of the nail and underneath. Sure, it might burn a little bit, but the results are worth it.

Don't sweat the small stuffremove it 

It's common for men to forget about the less prominent areas of his body where hair may grow, but they're nonetheless important. Trimming or clipping small hairs on the back of the neck, chest, eyebrows and inside the ears or nose can make a big difference in your appearance.

Have a hold on your hair

Your hair can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, but if you treat it right, you might find it's the former. There are many kinds of styling products available for all types of hair, so find one that helps you achieve a hassle-free hairstyle that looks good and exudes confidence.

So, now that you're armed with a few helpful hints and a lot of know-how, make the most of your appearance by applying these basic training tips to your body.

Used with permission. © 2015 Walmart. All Rights Reserved. See full legal.

Used with permission. © 2014 Walmart. All Rights Reserved. See full legal.


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