10 things to know about coloring your hair

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If you're new to at-home hair color or just refreshing your routine, these 10 tips will help you get the healthy color you crave.


1. Be prepared
Make sure you have the right tools to achieve your perfect hair color look. You will want to have a towel you don't mind staining, a comb to help you part and separate your hair, plastic gloves (these may be included with the product) and a non-metal clip to help you get to your underneath layers. (Hair color products that use a developer may have a chemical reaction with metal items, so non-metal is key!)

2. Take a permanent stand
Permanent colors stay put until your next coloring and can lighten or darken your hair two or more shades. Permanent is best for covering grays or for a dramatic change. With permanent color, you'll need to touch up your roots 6–8 weeks after coloring.

3. Choose the product for you
Do you want to be bold, cover grays or try a new trend? To choose the right product, start with your main goal and go from there. If you're a first-time at-home colorist, a mousse formula is the simplest application method. Consider trying new L'Oreal® Paris Superior Preference Mousse Absolue.

4. Master the art of the touch-up
When it's time for a root touch-up, resist the urge to re-color all over, which can cause excessive damage and darkening in the already-colored areas. Since it's only the new root growth that needs to be colored to match the rest of the hair, apply the color only to your new growth for the full processing time. Five minutes before rinsing, comb the color through to the ends to ensure even coverage.

5. Color with care
With any hair color, it's wise to test it first. Following the package directions, try out the product on a small lock of hair to see if you like the color result. If the color effect is too strong, consider processing it for less time when you dye all your tresses. Not strong enough? You might leave the dye on a little longer, but only up to the maximum time recommended on the product packaging.

6. Make your color last
The conditioner in your hair color package goes a long way to seal in color! Be sure not to shampoo your freshly colored hair for at least 48 hours after you color. After that point, use sulfate-free products like L'Oreal® Paris EverPure.

7. To re-use or not to re-use
Typically, once you mix your color and developer, you must discard any leftover mixture. New L'Oréal® Paris Preference Mousse Absolue is the first no-mix hair color that combines your dye and developer automatically in just one push. So if you have leftover product, you can keep it for a root touch-up a couple weeks later!

8. Fix hair-color flubs
For too-dark color, try shampooing several times. If too light, apply a darker shade for half the time. For too much red, try a shade of brown at the same value. For more help, a professional can guide you to the right solution.

9. Resist (or remove) stains
Applying petroleum jelly or lotion around your hairline is a simple way to prevent staining. But if stains do occur, rub toothpaste onto the area, let dry, and then rinse. Dish soap or peroxide can also save the day, but be sure to avoid getting either on your hair.

10. Leave the eyebrows to the pros
Dyeing your eyebrows at home can cause serious irritation or even blindness! Instead, try filling in your brows with a brow-shaping pencil that's one shade lighter than your natural color.

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Used with permission. © 2014 Walmart. All Rights Reserved. See full legal.


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